5 Benefits of Online Tutoring for Kids Falling Behind in Math

When it comes to offering math help for kids who are falling behind, you might be looking into online tutoring programs. But are math websites for kids the best option, or is in-person tutoring better? Here are five reasons we’ve found online math tutoring for kids to be the superior choice for parents who want to help their kids catch up. 

  • Optimize their learning by tracking progress over time. 

Kids are just like adults in that they get discouraged when they don’t see regular improvement on something they’re working toward. It’s easy to lose motivation with math in particular if they can’t see where they are along the journey, so they often give up altogether. But online tutoring programs like ours give your child the chance to track their progress. They’ll see proof that their math skills are improving, and this will motivate them to keep trying and stay the course.

  • Access to a huge world of resources - on-screen visuals, problems, and activities - during the tutoring session. 

The resources we have available to our students are varied and nearly endless. We have plenty of visuals and online manipulatives to broaden and deepen their understanding. If your child simply needs to practice a certain concept over and over in order to grasp it, we have countless compelling problems they can work through. If your child needs to switch things up regularly in order to stay interested, we incorporate real-world contexts into our lessons, so they are meaningful to your child and something they’ll actually enjoy. 

  • Kids get to learn in a fun environment.

Most of all, kids like to have fun. While they may not initially think that online math tutoring for kids sounds like a blast, they’ll end up discovering it really can be fun. Not only will they have a positive relationship with their tutor, but they’ll also learn through activities, real-life scenarios and even our online game, FogStone Isle. They will actually look forward to their tutoring sessions (we’re not joking!). 

  • Convenience for parents. 

We understand busy schedules. If you’re not taking one child to violin practice, you’re driving another to art class. And that doesn’t include both of their soccer practices - oh yes, and school. Parents (and kids) have jam-packed schedules today, and it can be exhausting for everyone involved. 

Online tutoring programs like ours give you the ability to help your child advance in math without having to drive them to another activity. The easy scheduling and the flexibility within the program will be music to your - and your child’s - ears. They’ll be able to do their tutoring and  exercises online when it’s best for you and them. 

  • Kid-centered. 

Finally, kids thrive on routine. Being able to form lasting, reliable relationships and count on consistency gives them a feeling of security and comfort. To that end, we give your child the option to have the same tutor throughout the year. This is a very important component in our math help for kids

These are just a few of the benefits of our online tutoring programs. Contact us to schedule a free session today to see if we are a fit for your family.