Funding Sources for
High-Impact Tutoring

Are you searching for reliable funding options to support high-impact tutoring? Look no further! We've created a guide through the three primary types of funding available:

  1. Federal Funds
  2. State or Local Funds
  3. Private or Foundation Funds

At Cignition, we are proud to share our success in utilizing all of these funding sources to deliver our exceptional tutoring services. Whether you are a district, a school, or a family seeking at-home tutoring, we have you covered. It's important to note that those interested in at-home tutoring may also be eligible to receive state-level funding. With our expertise and commitment to meeting your unique needs, we are ready to assist you in accessing the funding that will make high-impact tutoring a reality.

Interested in learning how to impact as many students as possible while staying within your budget?

We're redefining the tutoring landscape with our research-validated, collaborative approach. Our unique 4:1 student-to-tutor ratio is more than just a model – it's a commitment to excellence. By pairing up to four students with every expert tutor, we not only maximize tutoring accessibility in a cost-effective manner but also foster meaningful student-to-student interactions. This environment nurtures critical 21st-century skills, setting the stage for a deeper and more impactful learning experience.

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Federal Funding

The provision of federal funding comes from both formula and competitive funds.

Formula funds (allocated grants) - These are allotted using a specific criterion, often influenced by the concentration of students from economically challenged backgrounds.

Competitive funds (merit-based grants) - By detailing their requirements in an RFP response, schools, and districts can qualify for these funds, ensuring alignment with the application's terms. 

ESSER funds - Leverage funds to access Cignition's high-impact tutoring, tapping into both the American Rescue Plan provisions and the flexibility to reallocate existing school funds.

**State education agencies can now request a 14-month extension to spend American Rescue Plan money just as they were allowed to do under the first two allocations of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund. If approved, states and districts would have the flexibility of spending ARP funds 14 months beyond the Jan. 28, 2025, deadline or until late March 2026.

Are you worried about securing funding for high-impact tutoring programs once ESSER funds expire?

Rest assured, there are numerous alternative funding sources available to support your educational needs. The National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA) has compiled a comprehensive informational brief detailing a variety of channels that schools and districts can access for sustained, high-impact tutoring. This resource is designed to guide you through the available options, ensuring continuity and quality in your tutoring programs.

State and Local Funding

To the surprise of most, the majority of public education funding is provided at the state and local level through income, sales, and property tax. Below are a few examples of state-specific initiatives that may be backed by either federal or state-level funding.

The National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA) has provided a "snapshot" of state tutoring policies across the U.S. that showcases which states provide funding aligned with high-impact standards, as well as those that do not. You can review the webpage and see what programs, if any, are available in your state by clicking the button below. 

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Family Funding

Family Specific Funding

There are several states across the country making scholarships and other funding resources available directly to families. If eligible, families may have access to a predetermined dollar amount within a particular school year for services like virtual tutoring. Depending on the state or program, there may be an application process and each resource may have strict guidelines for payment of services rendered. Below are just a few state-specific, family programs that Cignition is already a part of.

Private Funding

Cignition is always on the lookout for meaningful philanthropic partnerships. If you're from a public or private organization and are interested in exploring a potential collaboration with us, please click the button below to start the conversation.

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