Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started with Cignition?

Cignition caters to entire districts, schools, and individual families. District/school staff who are interested in getting more information can speak directly with a team member, and families can schedule their first free session here. You can also email us at

How qualified are Cignition tutors?

Our tutors are proven, certified current/former educators with extensive experience teaching math. They average 10 years of teaching experience. Over 80% have Masters degrees. Over 35% have held the title of Math or ELA Coach/Specialist. Learn more about our vetting process, how they receive feedback, and their professional development.

What grades does Cignition cover?

We currently cover all grades Mathematics for K-12 and ELA for K-8.

Does Cignition cover any other subject(s) than math?

We have recently added ELA to our program.

Does Cignition cover all curricula?

Based on their experience working with your child’s grade level and unique needs, a tutor will be matched with them to cover the breadth and depth of appropriate math topics. We also identify and remediate gaps in the prior year’s learning, and determine when a child is ready for more accelerated learning. Learn more about what concepts are covered by each grade level: Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12).

Do Cignition tutors have experience working with students with special needs?

We employ only certified math or ELA professionals, many of whom have deep experience working with children that have special needs. We’ll match your child with the right tutor/educator that specializes in your child’s area of need, including:

  • Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia
  • AD(H)D - focus concerns
  • Autism Spectrum/Aspergers
  • Dyslexia
  • Executive Function
  • Slow Processing Speed
  • Working memory deficits and/or long-term memory issues
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Student conduct disorders
  • English Language Learners
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Visual Processing Disorder
I am considering Cignition for my school. Where can I see program examples and learn more?

Take a guided tour of Cignition or set up a meeting now. You can also email us at

Does Cignition only work with students in the United States?

Cignition currently only works with U.S.-based residents but has plans to expand internationally in the future.

What types of devices and programs does Cignition currently utilize?

Head over to our technical support page and have all questions about devices, browsers, and program integrations answered.

Does Cignition offer student privacy?

Upholding student privacy is of the utmost importance to Cignition. We do not share any information with anyone or any third party for commercial or marketing purposes.

For tutoring services, we provide the student’s first name and other relevant information to the tutor so that they are matched accordingly. Our full Privacy Policy is available for additional information.

Does Cignition work with Spanish-speaking students?

Yes, we currently employ countless tutors/educators that are fluent in Spanish. We’re also continuing to add tutors/educators with additional language capabilities.


My school has partnered with Cignition. How do log in?

For teachers or administrators, go to the Fogstone Isle portal and create an account, or contact your designated Cignition Program Manager.

Can ESSER funds be utilized for Cignition?

Yes, ESSER learning loss recovery funds are applicable for our program.

How do I get technical support with Cignition?

You can contact our support team by emailing Our hours of support are 9am - 5pm CT.

How can I share my experience with Cignition?
We’re delighted to hear about the impact Cignition has had on your students! We have a few ways that you can share and support our mission of building deep conceptual understanding, one engaged learner at a time. Pick one or multiple of the following:
  • Tell us what part(s) of our program you love most and share what it has meant to your students with a testimonial
    Share a post on social media
  • Be sure to tag us on social media and let us know you’ve posted something. We may ask to do a case study at your school!
  • Write a review of Cignition on one of these sites: Google, EdSurge, Edshelf, Etc.
  • Write a blog/article on your school website or news site and include a link to
Who are a few of Cignition’s biggest partners?

Cignition is proud to work with Los Angeles Unified School District, Denver Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools..among others.

Does Cignition work with students during summer school?

Yes, our tutors/educators are available during the standard school year AND summer school.

Is there a designated student-to-tutor ratio that Cignition works with?
We deliver individual (1-to-1) to small group (4-to-1) tutoring sessions. Our program is customized to fit each school’s specific needs.
What are Cignition’s hours of operation for students?

Our tutors/educators are available seven days a week from 7am to 10pm ET.

Is there a preferred schedule/session cadence for Cignition?

Tutoring sessions are typically held three-to-four times a week, 45-minute sessions, over a 14-18 week period (depending on the school’s schedule). However, every bit of the program can be flexible to the school’s needs.


Is the pricing for individual/homeschool students different from schools?

Your student’s first session and evaluation are entirely free. After that tutoring sessions are offered in bundles of 10 to 25 (with a substantial discount if you elect for the latter and prepay for all sessions).

How quickly can my student get started with their first session?

Head on over to our For Families page and fill out the form at the bottom!  We'll review your information and try to get your first session scheduled within as soon as you'd like.

I believe my child might be a bit behind in math/reading. Does it matter if their current grade placement may not align with their achievement in those subjects?

During the evaluation and first session, Cignition will determine where your child is and the best place to start, regardless of their current grade level.

Does Cignition only work with students in the United States?
Cignition currently only works with U.S.-based residents but has plans to expand internationally in the future.
Does Cignition only accept credit cards as a form of payment?

We currently utilize Quickbooks/Square for all payments tied to Family Plans. You can choose to prepay for all sessions (and receive a discount) or pay in monthly installments.

Is there any software that I need to download to work with Cignition?

Our program currently runs online and you do not need to download any specific software. We may ask you to run on a particular browser and that you have a high-speed internet connection.

Learn more about our technical requirements by heading over to the support page if you need more information.

If I work for/run a charter/homeschool program, would I receive family or school pricing?
In the case of private instruction, participants would be subject to family plan pricing and the price would be per student.
How do I monitor my student’s progress?

We will provide detailed feedback upon completion of the first session and information on creating a tutoring plan that works for your student’s needs. After that, you will get regular updates from us on how they’re doing.

Can my student have the same tutor each session?

Yes, Cignition offers plans that allow your student to exclusively work with the same tutor each session.

How much time will my student spend tutoring each session?

Session length depends on you and your student’s needs. We offer 30 and 60-minute sessions, once or several times per week.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

All plans can be changed or canceled at any time with multi-session plan cancellations resulting in a prorated refund of your remaining session.

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