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Standards Coverage

Elementary (K-5) Math We start with Counting and Cardinality (K.CC) in Kindergarten and scale all the way up to Operations and Algebraic Thinking (5.OA) in 5th Grade.
Middle (6-8) Math Ratios and Proportional Relationships (6.RP) and Geometry are where middle school students start, before ending up on The Number System (8.NS) and Statistics and Probability (8.SP).
High (9-12) Math In addition to college test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE) - we cover Algebra through Calculus for high school students. We're even capable of working with students in AP and college level courses.
Elementary (K-5) ELA Using the Science of Reading research approach, we ensure students learn the fundamentals of phonics and word recognition. Fluency and Range of Reading improve as they grow.
Middle (6-8) ELA Expanding vocabulary and furthering the presentation of knowledge and ideas are vital parts of our curriculum for students. We aim for them to be primed for success as they enter high school.
High (9-12) ELA Our high school students will explore: Text Types and Purposes, Conventions of Standard English, Vocabulary Acquisition and Use, and much more.

Our Research and Program Efficacy

RCT Results Image
Individual (1:1) Tutoring Solution RCT Results

This randomized controlled trial, conducted in the Spring of 2020, evaluated whether students who received online tutoring and played the "Fogstone Isle" game learned more than students who only had access to the game.

RCT Results Image 2
Group (4:1) Tutoring Solution RCT Results

This randomized controlled trial, conducted in the Spring of 2022, investigated whether students who receive group tutoring score higher on the math assessment than those who do not. We also wanted to understand students' math confidence and enjoyment.

Denver Public Schools Case Study

Here's your chance to see our impact on students at scale! In DPS, we achieved an average absolute gain of 12.1% growth in pre- to post-diagnostic scores. You'll also have a chance to program implementation and hear directly from district leadership on what made the relationship so successful.