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Unlock your student's potential with our personalized tutoring service. Start by completing a simple form to tell us about your student's needs. Based on your information, we'll match them with an ideal tutor from our pool of certified educators. Experience the difference with a free 30-minute trial session scheduled at your convenience.

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The Process

Best Match

We diagnose your student’s specific needs and then match them with the perfect tutor to personally guide their learning journey. Remember, our team of certified teachers is a step beyond your standard tutor, as they average over a decade of classroom experience.

Guided Learning

Tutors meet 1-on-1 with your student(s) at a cadence of your choosing, focusing on their current studies and learning gaps. Tutors can also provide additional practice activities for students to work through independently between sessions.

Math and Reading/Literacy Coverage

Our program can be tailored to your individual student’s needs, no matter how specific they might be. Our tutors are capable of addressing all current K-12 state standards but also help with exam reviews, college test prep, and credit recovery.

Families Love Our Tutoring

Cignition did an excellent job with our three kids. They are all in different grades, and our personal tutor adjusted to each grade level and learning style. My children looked forward to their tutoring sessions and enjoyed talking about their learning. It was on overall fantastic experience.

Anne Robinson
Family Plan Customer

The tutor was a perfect fit for my child. The learning strategy used addressed my child's needs. I would highly recommend Cignition.

Sonya Brown
Family Plan Customer

Ms. Trettel (Cignition tutor) really did an excellent and amazing job with Caitlin and especially with Colin. Math is always hard for Colin. But since starting Cignition with Ms. Trettel, he improved 100% . He now understands and enjoys math with A+ grade.

Ruan Cahutay
Family Plan Customer

I cannot believe how good Morgan is getting at math. This is seriously the best choice I’ve ever made for one of my kids when it comes to education.

2nd Grade Parent
Family Plan Customer

The difference between June and end of August is incredible - both in what she knows and in her confidence. Thank you all so much!

1st Grade Parent
Family Plan Customer

I’m so thankful for the amazing tutoring sessions with Maya. She enjoys each and every one of them! It deepens her understanding and gives her more confidence and joy in math. She also really enjoys the special personal connection, and it gives her a ray of sunshine and human connection amidst distance learning.

5th Grade Parent
Family Plan Customer

Family Resources

Below you'll find several downloadable resources that should answer any questions about getting started and what material our tutors cover.

Family Starter Kit

With this starter kit, you'll get a snapshot of our program, an overview of our tech requirements, and answers to FAQs.

Elementary School (K-5) Math Curriculum

From Counting and Cardinality (K.CC) through Operations and Algebraic Thinking (5.OA), take a deep dive into what concepts we cover for elementary math.

Middle School (6-8) Math Curriculum

From Ratios and Proportional Relationships (6.RP) through The Number System (8.SP), take a deep dive into what concepts we cover for middle school math.

High School (9-12) Math Curriculum

In addition to college test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE) - we cover algebra through calculus. Take a deep dive into what concepts we cover for high school math.

Elementary School (K-5) ELA Curriculum

Using the Science of Reading research approach, we ensure students learn the fundamentals of phonics and word recognition. Take a deep dive into what concepts we cover for elementary school ELA.

Middle School (6-8) ELA Curriculum

Expanding vocabulary and furthering the presentation of knowledge and ideas are vital parts of our curriculum for students. Take a deep dive into what concepts we cover for middle school ELA.

High School (9-12) ELA Curriculum

Our high school students will explore: Text Types and Purposes, Conventions of Standard English, Vocabulary Acquisition and Use, and much more.

Who Might Work With Your Student(s)?

Below you'll find a few profiles for our designated Family Plan tutors. See someone you believe would be a great fit? Schedule your free session and request them specifically!