How Interactive Learning Environments Improve Kids' Math Skills

If you’ve felt the fear that comes with seeing your child struggle day in and day out with their math homework, you know it can feel like there’s no hope. But the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. All kids can understand and even be good at math, as long as it’s approached in the right way. 

This is why Cignition offers interactive learning for kids and math help online, so we can guide kids toward a deeper grasp of the math concepts they’ll need to build on throughout their school years. Here are three of the reasons that kids interactive learning is proven to help all kids succeed.

  • It Lets Them Get Hands-On with the Concepts

Whether your child is in elementary or middle school, asking them to sit at a desk and do math worksheets won’t help. They will likely feel overwhelmed, bored and frustrated. 

This is why interactive online learning programs for kids, like what we offer at Cignition, can make a world of difference. Gone are the boring worksheets and hours upon hours staring at the same problems. Instead, they’ll learn to problem solve and be in the driver’s seat with math. They’ll grasp concepts more quickly because they’ll actually see math in action and how it works in the real world. 

  • It Engages Their Imaginations

Interactive online environments help kids master math skills by activating multiple regions of the brain. Instead of simply asking them to focus on math, math, math, you transport them to an alternate reality and invite their creativity. Suddenly, like in our digital math game Fogstone Isle, your child is creating their own personalized virtual world. By engaging with the game, they may not even realize how quickly and fully they’re learning and understanding mathematical concepts. 

  • It Gives Them an Entirely New Relationship with Math

Finally, kids interactive learning programs like ours help kids start to look forward to math. They continue to see progress, so they gain more confidence in their abilities, and the positive effects snowball from there. They’ll also enjoy the process because it’s engaging and fun. So they start to form a new relationship with math, feeling proud of how far they’ve come and even beginning to look forward to the next challenge ahead.  

Looking for math help online for your child? We’d love to talk to you. Please give us a call!